Older Couple Estate Planning
Where To Begin With Estate Planning What if you are no longer able to control your assets due to health concerns? Your estate plan should detail who can access and manage your assets as your proxy. Ideally, this person or persons should be the same people who will eventually inherit your estate. Everyone should have...
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Estate Planning with a Lawyer
Do You Have A Will? Gifting and Estate Planning aren’t always top of mind. Estate planning is something you should think about long before retirement. There are several aspects to estate planning. Gifting is one of them. Gifts are subject to certain tax rules. Gifting assets can be beneficial to your estate in several ways....
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The two most common reasons for not writing a will are procrastination and not wanting to think about our mortality. Unfortunately, death is a part of life, and it can often occur without warning due to accidents or even illnesses like COVID-19. Having a will gives your heirs direction on the “who, what, and when”...
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Elderly Couple on Laptop
It’s that time of year again. Thousands of parents are sending their kids off to college or to their first jobs after high school graduation. Many are looking at each other wondering where the time has gone and how the kids grew up so fast. And many wonder what to do next. While you adjust...
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Parents Walking with small child
The most common question an estate planning attorney hears is, “Do I really need a will?” As all lawyers do, we hedge our bets and say, “maybe.” Here’s why: Your particular family and financial circumstances dictate whether you should have a will or whether your wishes would be fulfilled under Minnesota’s intestate laws. These laws...
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Prince Memorial
Minnesota pop icon Prince became a worldwide phenomenon due to his new sounds and creative lyrics. He taught us all a lot, both through his music and his outspoken beliefs that artists should have full control over their music. And now, even in his death, Prince leaves behind one final life lesson for us all...
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Elderly Man and Woman on Hike
Some changes come so quickly and are so pervasive that people rarely stop to think about the consequences. Not that long ago, data storage meant boxes and boxes of paperwork. Seemingly overnight, the record of our lives moved from shoeboxes and filing cabinets to cloud accounts. Much of who we are is stored online, whether...
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Elderly Couple Looking Over Paperwork on Couch
You did it! You took that often-dreaded step and worked with a lawyer to create your estate plan, which includes a will, an advanced health care directive, and possibly a trust or two. You have your estate planning documents in hand, and you feel a great sense of relief and accomplishment. But now what? Is...
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Estate Planning
Another long cold winter has come to an end, and spring is slowly emerging. You know what that means: it is time for spring cleaning! Many people find great joy in taking the opportunity to open up the house, dust, clean, vacuum, polish and de-clutter; others see it as a massive chore. Whether you revel...
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Estate Planning Folder
In the past, we have written about the importance of updating your estate plan as life changes. But an effective estate plan requires more than this. It requires a scheduled annual review with your lawyer. The Annual Review: What’s Involved When you meet with your lawyer for your estate plan’s annual checkup, you will likely...
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