It’s that time of year again when you wonder where the summer has gone. Cooler temperatures linger longer in the morning and set in earlier at night; and the excitement of going back-to-school is in the air. Even if you’re only watching the school activities from your front porch or from your car, back-to-school days...
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Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped. marital problems, conflicts and stubborn concept
A successful mediation is dependent on the parties’ behaviors and attitudes. To ensure you make your mediation a success—thereby avoiding the costs of going all the way to court—follow these three practical mediation tips. #1:  Keep Emotions to a Minimum At its core, your mediation session is a business deal. You are there to discuss...
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Cars driving during winter snowstorm
Car accidents increase during the winter months due to harsh driving conditions and an increased number of drivers on the roads for the holidays. Avoid becoming another winter auto accident statistic by learning these top tips for winter driving safety. Our Top 10 Winter Driving Safety Tips Stop car accidents before they happen by following...
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Alcoholic Drink with Car and Police Car
Every year, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) reviews and reports on all aspects related to the prior year’s drunk driving in the state. This includes looking at DUI arrests, multiple offenses, accidents, and drunk-driving related injuries and deaths. In September 2016, the DPS-OTS released 2015’s drunk driving statistics and...
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Group Meeting around table
Most people know what trial is like. Thanks to TV shows like Judge Judy, they have seen plenty of people go to court. But, mediation isn’t nearly as dramatic, and it’s rarely featured on television. People often do not encounter it until they need it—or until their lawyers suggest it. So what is mediation, and...
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