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Recently, we have seen one of the most significant protest movements in decades, after the deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans across the United States. Whenever thousands of people gather, there is the potential for injury. What are your rights and recourse, should you become injured at a protest gathering? Our nation has...
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When a Minnesota State Trooper pulled over a swerving, stop-sign-running driver, the officer discovered that the driver had 27 past DUI arrests on his record. And he still had a valid driver’s license in Minnesota. The news produced strong reactions from the public and lawmakers, most calling for stronger penalties and more enforcement. The “get...
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Man and Woman Signing Contract
To save time, money and a lot of stress, personal injury victims rely on mediation to help reach a settlement with an insurance company. Mediation is not a court proceeding and no judge is involved in the settlement negotiations. Instead, both parties choose a neutral person trained in resolving legal conflicts. Mediation is a voluntary...
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upset man after car accident
A successful car accident lawsuit requires thorough investigation and a dedication to capturing all the necessary details. You can help your lawyer in the process by providing the following information as soon as possible after the accident. 8 Things to Tell Your Lawyer As Soon As Possible After an Accident Be sure to share these...
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Car Crash
Being in a car crash is disorienting. It’s hard to remember everything that the “What to do after a car accident” guides tell you to do: Remain calm Dial 9-1-1 Seek medical attention Take pictures Interview any witnesses Exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident Report your accident to your insurance...
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