Back To School child
Navigating Divorce & Back To School Fall 2021 If you are divorced or separated, the return to school for your kids can require revisiting your divorce agreement. You’ll want to review whether your current parenting plan works with the layout of the coming school year.    Moreover, perhaps this year looks different because of the...
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Commercial Airplane Flying Above Clouds On Blue Sky Background
If you are going through a divorce in Minnesota, mediation can help you reach a resolution faster than the traditional, court process. It is especially cost-effective, efficient, and fair in cases when one spouse is no longer in the state or the country. If you believe that you and your spouse can come to an...
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Man and Women Lawyers Going Over Legal Plan
Contrary to the popular belief of Hollywood filmmakers, divorce doesn’t always have to be a knockdown, drag-out fight between two people whose love for one another has withered away. In fact, many divorces resolve amicably, by two people who simply realized that a life together was no longer the best option for them. In these...
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House Keys and Money
It is very rare that any divorce is finalized without at least a few challenges. And when it comes to couples with significant wealth and assets, the divorce process involves many unique hurdles that must be overcome before the next chapter in life can begin. If you’re facing a high-asset divorce, effectively addressing each of...
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Scissors Cutting Marriage Certificate
The end-of-year holidays often cause couples to forego making decisions about divorce. Whether it’s nostalgia, money or not wanting to upset the kids, it was easy to put off a decision. But now, reality sets in and bills from holiday spending start to roll in. Likewise, the New Year often brings with it a spike...
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Mother and baby hands and feet
When children get caught in the middle of a divorce, it can cause long-term damage to them and to your relationship with them. If one parent takes his or her anger out on a child, the results can be tragic. An Extreme Case of a Child Getting Caught in the Crosshairs In September 2017, the...
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Silhouette Standing on Horizon
In the midst of serious relationship conflicts and family turmoil, looking ahead toward a calmer, brighter future can seem impossible. Yet doing so is essential to resolving your divorce in a sustainable way. You need a vision based on realistic expectations. A caring, qualified family law attorney can help you develop such a vision. Too...
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Portrait Of Grandparents Reading To Grandchildren On Sofa
At White & Associates, we’ve seen an increase in child custody and visitation cases involving grandparents here in Minnesota. It could be economic circumstances or other factors, but Minnesota families are changing—and grandparents are among the adults most affected by those changes. Grandparents—who have been involved in the lives of their grandchildren for years—risk being...
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