custody and visitation
Divorce And Child Custody
What Is Child Custody? How child custody is determined in Minnesota can be hard to navigate. Legal Custody gives you the right to make decisions about your child’s education, healthcare, and religious upbringing. Physical Custody- this is when your child lives with you. You make decisions about your child’s day-to-day activities, what they eat, wear,...
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father walking with child visiting
What Is Supervised Visitation? Most of the time, when parents have visitation, they have the child during their scheduled time, and they can watch movies, eat, work on homework, and whatever else they feel like doing, unsupervised. But some visitation arrangements aren’t like that. Sometimes, a court order requires another adult to supervise the parenting...
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Man and Woman being Mediated by Woman
How Mediation Can Help in a Divorce Divorce mediation is a process to help you resolve issues with your spouse. It is something you can agree to do with your spouse to avoid the expense and risk of going to court and having a judge make important decisions for you. Additionally, if you have already...
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Mother and baby hands and feet
When children get caught in the middle of a divorce, it can cause long-term damage to them and to your relationship with them. If one parent takes his or her anger out on a child, the results can be tragic. An Extreme Case of a Child Getting Caught in the Crosshairs In September 2017, the...
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father and son holding hands on walk
An unmarried father has few parental rights until the State considers the father to be the child’s “legal” father. Fathers, or those who deny being the father, have a few options to protect their rights: Acknowledge paternity by signing a legal document called a “Recognition of Parentage” (ROP), or Have a judge determine that you...
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Sad looking children with parents arguing in the background
Going through a divorce after a second go-around can be just as difficult as the first. You’re probably wondering how this can be happening again and worry about your kids, your spouse’s kids, and any children you may have had together. It’s also likely daunting to be thinking about dividing up property and financial obligations....
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