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Opening a Beer in a Vehicle
In 2016, Minnesota’s implied consent laws went before the United States Supreme Court in the case Bernard v. Minnesota. In short, the Supreme Court was asked to determine whether implied consent to breath tests and blood tests violated an individual’s constitutional rights. What Is Implied Consent? Under Minnesota’s implied consent laws, Minn. Stat. § 169A.51:...
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Woman Upset Stairwell
Almost more than any other type of criminal case, cases involving alleged domestic violence hinge on witness and victim testimony. Prosecutors depend on witnesses to show up in court, cooperate and convincingly tell the truth for defendants to be found guilty. Understanding the key role that testimony plays in an assault case—specifically a domestic violence...
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Criminal Defense Team
Domestic assault charges often arise in the heat of the moment when a family disagreement escalates. People who face domestic assault charges can feel a high level of stress; it may seem like the entire legal system is set up to work against them. And, to some extent, it is. The legal system is designed...
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