Car Accident
Texting and Driving
Being involved in a car accident can be painful, scary and overwhelming. At the scene, you might worry that the whole thing was your fault—maybe you looked down for a few seconds, can’t recall the color of the traffic light or feel like the other car came out of nowhere. You might be tempted to...
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Wrist Pain
Some injuries are more straightforward than others when it comes to diagnosis, treatment and causation. For example, when a car crash results in a broken arm, the diagnosis is generally clear-cut and easily agreed upon by medical professionals. They can see the break on your X-rays, and they know just how to treat it. Unfortunately,...
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Car Crash
Being in a car crash is disorienting. It’s hard to remember everything that the “What to do after a car accident” guides tell you to do: Remain calm Dial 9-1-1 Seek medical attention Take pictures Interview any witnesses Exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident Report your accident to your insurance...
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