blended family
Couple Talking To Family Counselor
Most matters that go before the courts have two sides. Adoption is no exception. This is especially true in the case of stepparent adoption. Whether you are trying to adopt or a petition has been filed to terminate your parental rights, it is important to understand the process of step-parent adoption. It is also of...
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Did you know? The U.S. Census Bureau reports that blended families now outnumber “traditional” families in the United States. Estate planning is different for blended families. Things can get complicated when spouses have remarried – especially when they have stepchildren and biological children together. It rarely makes sense for a person who remarries or enters...
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Man and Woman being Mediated by Woman
How Mediation Can Help in a Divorce Divorce mediation is a process to help you resolve issues with your spouse. It is something you can agree to do with your spouse to avoid the expense and risk of going to court and having a judge make important decisions for you. Additionally, if you have already...
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Sad looking children with parents arguing in the background
Going through a divorce after a second go-around can be just as difficult as the first. You’re probably wondering how this can be happening again and worry about your kids, your spouse’s kids, and any children you may have had together. It’s also likely daunting to be thinking about dividing up property and financial obligations....
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