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In Minnesota, the police can charge you with criminal assault even if you don’t ever touch another person. While striking some is a clear example of assault, attempting to strike someone can equate to fifth-degree assault. This is true even if you miss and never make physical contact. You can also face charges for criminal...
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There is a lot of information out there about how mediation can help you resolve a dispute without going to court. But not everyone understands how it works and why it is a good thing to try before filing a lawsuit. Along with other kinds of alternatives-to-litigation, known as “alternative dispute resolution” (ADR), mediation often...
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Sad looking children with parents arguing in the background
Going through a divorce after a second go-around can be just as difficult as the first. You’re probably wondering how this can be happening again and worry about your kids, your spouse’s kids, and any children you may have had together. It’s also likely daunting to be thinking about dividing up property and financial obligations....
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The most common question an estate planning attorney hears is, “Do I really need a will?” As all lawyers do, we hedge our bets and say, “maybe.” Here’s why: Your particular family and financial circumstances dictate whether you should have a will or whether your wishes would be fulfilled under Minnesota’s intestate laws. These laws...
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A successful mediation is dependent on the parties’ behaviors and attitudes. To ensure you make your mediation a success—thereby avoiding the costs of going all the way to court—follow these three practical mediation tips. #1:  Keep Emotions to a Minimum At its core, your mediation session is a business deal. You are there to discuss...
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Family Walking on Bridge
Have you had it with your ex? Can you even remember why you married the father or mother of your children? Are you ready to call it quits completely, no matter the cost? Take a deep breath. Know that you are not alone. And realize that your children need you to be a bigger person...
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Cross Walk Sign
The year 2016 witnessed the highest number of pedestrian deaths in Minnesota in a quarter century. Sixty-one people lost their lives to irresponsible drivers last year. This is an increase over 2015, which saw 41 pedestrians killed, and a steep increase over 2014, which saw the lowest number of pedestrian deaths in decades: 17. The...
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Divorce Paper
It is not uncommon for divorcing spouses to disagree about how they should go about getting divorced. Odds are, you two are already in a contentious place, and it can be difficult—if not impossible—to see eye-to-eye on anything. But you already know that divorce mediation is likely the best way for you two to reach...
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Social Media Apps on Phone
The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers published a study stating that lawyers submit Facebook posts and other social media information as evidence in 81 percent of divorce cases. This study came out in 2010; it would bring no surprise if that percentage is now higher. So what do you do about social media if you...
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Elderly Man and Woman on Hike
Some changes come so quickly and are so pervasive that people rarely stop to think about the consequences. Not that long ago, data storage meant boxes and boxes of paperwork. Seemingly overnight, the record of our lives moved from shoeboxes and filing cabinets to cloud accounts. Much of who we are is stored online, whether...
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