Alcohol being poured at holiday party
Alcohol Charges Are Serious Everyone has seen the cliched drunk Santa in movies (and maybe even in real life). However, public intoxication is no joke. It’s also legal In Minnesota. Yes, you read that correctly. You can’t be arrested for simply being drunk in public. But don’t take that as permission to get soused and...
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Judge Gavel On A Wooden Desk Law Books Background
Assault is in the news a lot these days. We hear about celebrities and politicians being accused of assault and see the devastating consequences it can have. Being accused of an assault is a serious and strenuous circumstance to navigate and not one you should have to manage alone. Understand What Assault Is Assault is...
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Large Truck on the Road
Everyone knows the risks of being charged with a DUI or DWI—the loss of a license, fines, even possible jail time. But, if you also drive a truck or other commercial vehicle for a living, your livelihood is at risk. As important as it is for everyone who is charged with a DUI to retain...
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Plice Car at Stop Sign
In Minnesota, the police can charge you with criminal assault even if you don’t ever touch another person. While striking some is a clear example of assault, attempting to strike someone can equate to fifth-degree assault. This is true even if you miss and never make physical contact. You can also face charges for criminal...
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Man Depressed Speaking to woman in Chair
Arguments and disputes sometimes spin out of control. You may have lost your temper with a family member, a neighbor, a bar patron or a careless driver. Someone called the police, and now you are facing an assault charge. Will an assault conviction mean jail time? Should you fight the charge or plead guilty? These...
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Criminal Defense Team
Domestic assault charges often arise in the heat of the moment when a family disagreement escalates. People who face domestic assault charges can feel a high level of stress; it may seem like the entire legal system is set up to work against them. And, to some extent, it is. The legal system is designed...
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