Qualified Divorce & Family Law Mediator in Elk River, Minnesota

One of the services we are happy to provide to our clients here at White & Associates is family law mediation. Through mediation, you and the other party work together in an amicable manner. When mediation is successful, it has the potential to save you an extensive amount of time and legal costs.

Divorce Mediation & Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Divorce mediation and family law mediation is never easy. The benefits of this option include:

  • Control: You and your co-parent run your mediation. You get to make the decisions, and you get to do so at your own pace and in your own way. The mediator never takes sides nor imposes her own opinions. You will not get this same experience if you bring your issues before a judge.
  • Privacy: Mediation is a private affair. This is in direct opposition to the highly public nature of ending up in court. By choosing mediation, you choose to keep this very personal issue private.

Family Law Matters to Bring to Mediation

We can handle most family legal issues in this alternative dispute resolution setting, including:

In truth, you can bring just about any single family law matter to mediation. It is not the issue that bars mediation from being successful, but the mindset of the parties.

Working as Your Qualified Neutral

When you work with a Rule 114 qualified mediator to handle your divorce mediation, you are working with someone whose sole purpose is to help you and the other party move quickly toward an effective resolution. This neutral does not represent either party, but instead acts as a sounding board to help you navigate the issues in a clear, objective manner.

The benefit of bringing your family law mediation to White & Associates is that our qualified neutral is also an attorney. In fact, attorney Lynne Miller brings more than a decade of legal experience to the table. Her experience and knowledge of the family legal system is invaluable in helping clients make the most of their mediation session.

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