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Child support can be established through a divorce process or if the parents of a child do not live together.  In Minnesota, child support is statutory and based upon the child support guidelines in Minn. Stat. § 518A.

Total Support

There are three parts of a total child support obligation:

  • Basic Support: Basic support is calculated using a number of factors including the income of both parents, the number of joint children and the amount of court ordered parenting time with the children.  Additional factors such as whether one or both parents have other children will affect the calculations.
  • Medical Support: Medical support is based on the incomes of parents, the cost of the medical and dental premiums and which parent provides insurance for the children.  Separate factors are considered when the children or parents are the recipients of public medical coverage.  
  • Child Care Support. Child care support is based on the actual cost of work or education related child care, the incomes of the parties and which parent incurs these costs.

Knowledgable in Child Support Laws & Procedures

A prior child support order can be modified if a substantial change in circumstances makes the prior order unreasonable or unfair.  Some common changes include change in income of one party or the emancipation of a child. 

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