Legal Services

Criminal Defense; Family Law; Personal Injury; Protection/Harassment; Estate Planning; Mediation

Dedicated Lawyers Serving the Elk River Area

We are White & Associates, a law firm dedicated to seeking justice and helping our clients improve their lives. Our firm has emphasized this mission every day for nearly 20 years.

We office in Elk River, but are able to help individuals and families from the surrounding areas, as well as across all of Minnesota. When you need strong, supportive, proactive legal representation, turn to our team.

Our Legal Services

As a full-service law firm, we are available to assist individuals and families facing most any legal issue and offer a variety of legal services. Our lawyers especially have extensive experience and strong reputations for service in the following areas.

We also represent clients involved in a variety of civil litigation and business legal matters.

Criminal Defense

We defend clients against a variety of legal charges, including DUI, drug crimes, assault and sex crimes. Our legal team includes former prosecutors, which means we understand what it is like on both sides of the courtroom. We can put this knowledge to work for you in crafting a strong defense.

Family Law

From divorce and child custody to mediation and post-decree modifications, we are available to assist clients facing all variety of family legal matters. Turn to us when you are seeking a practical, future-focused resolution to your situation.

Personal Injury

You’ve been hurt in an accident, and are now likely suffering from pain, loss and financial strain. You deserve compensation. Let us help you get on the right road to recovery through personally tailored legal representation.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Estate planning, probate, and estate and trust administration are intricate areas of law that require good counsel. At White & Associates, we will take the time to educate you on your options, and the ramifications of each, so you can make smart choices about your future—and the future of your loved ones.

Protection & Harassment

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or harassment, we are equipped to help guide you through the complex legal system and advocate for you and your family. Turn to us when you are seeking an Order for Protection (OFP) or a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).


One of the services we are happy to provide to our clients here at White & Associates is family law mediation. Through mediation, you and the other party work together in an amicable manner. When mediation is successful, it has the potential to save you an extensive amount of time and legal costs.

How to Choose the Right Attorney for You

When you look for an attorney, how do you know who to choose? Word-of-mouth referrals are a great place to start. But even then, the right person for your friend or neighbor may not fit you well. So here are our suggestions:

  • Ask those you care about if they have anyone they could refer to you
  • Visit each law firm’s website and read the attorney’s profile
  • Review each firm’s Legal Services and About pages
  • When what you read strikes a chord with you, pick up the phone and schedule a consultation
  • Take time to share your situation and also get a feel for how you connect with the attorney

It is this last bullet point that makes the biggest difference. What you are experiencing right now is difficult, and likely quite personal. You want to ensure that you entrust your legal matter to someone you know will support you and help you reach a conclusion so you can move forward.

What Legal Services Can We Help You With? Call Us for Your Free Consultation

At White & Associates, we believe firmly in the importance of that first discussion. For this reason, our initial consultations are free. Call us today at 763-241-0477 or contact our dedicated lawyers online. We will talk with you, discuss your concerns, and provide you with options for getting past what is troubling you.