Car Theft

Charged with Auto Theft in Minnesota?

Charged with Auto Theft?  This past year, auto theft incidents have been reported at alarming rates all over the United States, including Minnesota. But there are many types of auto theft that you can be charged with. All carry serious consequences, despite the vast differences between them. The main thing all of these crimes have...
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mediating a problem

Is Mediation Required for Divorce in Minnesota?

Is Mediation Required for Divorce in Minnesota? What are Alternative Dispute Resolutions? Alternative Dispute Resolutions, or ADR, are alternative ways of resolving a problem in the hope that you can avoid a long, drawn-out court case, save money, and have a much less painful experience.  Unless you have a history of spousal abuse in Minnesota,...
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kids with father in park

How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Kids

How to minimize the impact of divorce on kids? Is it possible? If you have children and are considering a divorce, the first thing on your mind is how your divorce will impact them. It is what keeps parents in an unhappy marriage longer than they want to be. While you shouldn’t seek divorce with...
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Property Division by saw

Property Division in a Minnesota Divorce

Property Division in a Minnesota Divorce, What does it look like? Minnesota is considered an equitable distribution property state. This is the most common way to divide marital property in a divorce. Equitable distribution means the court divides marital property between spouses in a way that it deems fair—or equitable, not necessarily equal or 50/50....
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Couple getting Divorce

Default Divorce in Minnesota

Default Divorce in Minnesota  A default divorce in Minnesota and in this country is when the respondent doesn’t respond to the petition or appear in court as requested. This is perfectly legal, but it isn’t in their best interest.  In a Minnesota divorce, one spouse known as the petitioner files for divorce. They must adequately...
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Tax Money

Divorce and Your Taxes

How Do I navigate Divorce and Filing Taxes? It is essential to consult with your tax advisor to get the best advice for your situation and location. It is an excellent idea to do this even before your divorce so that you can divide your assets in a way that is most beneficial to both...
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Estate Planning

What is an Estate Executor?

What is an Estate Executor? Technically, an executor is a man appointed to carry out the wishes of someone who has died and manage their estate. If a woman is chosen for this task, she is called an executrix. But for simplicity’s sake, we will refer to administrators of all genders as executors since this...
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Older Couple Estate Planning

What is involved in Estate Planning?

What is involved in Estate Planning? We’re here to help!  What if you are no longer able to control your assets due to health concerns? Your estate plan should detail who can access and manage your assets as your proxy. Ideally, this person or persons should be the same people who will eventually inherit your...
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Estate Planning with a Lawyer

Gifting and Estate Planning | White & Associates

  Gifting and Estate Planning isn’t always top of mind. Estate planning is something you should think about long before retirement. There are several aspects to estate planning. Gifting is one of them. Gifts are subject to certain tax rules. Gifting assets can be beneficial to your estate in several ways. It can potentially:  ...
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