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What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of Assault

Assault is in the news a lot these days. We hear about celebrities and politicians being accused of assault and see the devastating consequences it can have. Being accused of an assault is a serious and strenuous circumstance to navigate and not one you should have to manage alone. Understand What Assault Is Assault is...
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When Mediation Is a Bad Idea

The benefits of mediation are undeniable. Mediation can help you find the best possible solution to almost any family law problem, including divorce, custody disputes, child support spousal support and property division. Mediation can save time and money. It can also help all the parties involved feel invested in a positive future after the dispute...
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Steps to Take When Your Ex Violates Your Divorce Decree

Reaching a fair arrangement when ending a marriage can be a painful process. After all the effort that goes into reaching that stage, it can be maddening when your former spouse refuses to abide by its terms. There are several steps you can take to get things back on track. A Legally Binding Document A...
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Why You Should Consider Revising Your Will

A will is one of the most important things you can have created for yourself and your family. It protects your assets and outlines how you wish things to be handled after you pass away. For those who have a will, it’s important to revisit it after certain life events occur for optimum protection. Common...
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Uber & Lyft: What to Know After an Accident

Carpooling companies such as Uber and Lyft are now widely used across the globe for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, ride-sharing still poses just as much threat as driving a vehicle on your own. If you use ride-sharing often, it’s important to understand what to do should you be involved in an accident on the...
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Traffic Violations

More Than a Parking Ticket? You Might Need an Attorney.

A parking ticket is simple to clear: pay the fine and you’re free to go. However, some traffic violations are more serious, resulting in a permanent stain on your record. Does your traffic violation require a criminal defense attorney? Don’t just leave the violation up to chance. Which Traffic Violations Require an Attorney? There are...
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Divorce Mediation

Lawyer-Free Mediation: The One Mistake You Shouldn’t Make

During mediation, the critical conversations surrounding divorce or child custody are difficult at best. Emotions have a way of taking over and the legal jargon is nearly impossible to understand on your own. Those who choose to have these conversations without an experienced attorney in the room find themselves overwhelmed, perhaps making decisions they are...
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A DIY-Divorce Website Won’t Protect You or Your Children

We understand that for many people, low-cost DIY divorce web services can be attractive. But, most sites don’t provide the broad range of legal advice you really need when you are taking one of the biggest steps in your life—getting a divorce. Especially when children are involved, it is extremely important to work with a...
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Protect Your Estate by Working With an Experienced Lawyer

Estate planning. To the uninitiated, this sounds like something only the wealthy require—those with grand estates that span acres and include large collections of specialty items. In reality, though, everyone can benefit from an estate plan. But not any plan will do. And not every plan fits every individual. Moreover, while estate plans do direct...
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