Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney in MN

You Want a Divorce. Now What?

For most people, the decision to get a divorce is incredibly difficult. It often comes after months, years, or even decades of frustration and disappointment that have finally reached a breaking point.

Once you, or perhaps your partner, make the life-changing choice to dissolve your marriage, a hundred other questions follow. However, what are the first and most important questions to ask your divorce lawyer?

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining process, but having the right information and asking the right questions can make a significant difference in navigating through it. When facing a divorce, it is crucial to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney who can guide you through the legal complexities and protect your rights.

What 3 Issues Apply to All Divorces?

Sure, divorce is the legal end of a marriage. That’s simple. But not all divorces are the same because all marriages, families, and financial situations are different. Those differences will impact the pressing issues before certain divorcing parties. 

Knowing what questions to ask your family law attorney is essential to ensure that you are well-informed about your case and have a clear understanding of the process. Here are some key questions that you should consider asking:

Do I have to divorce if my partner wants to and I don’t? 

If you’re the one filing for a divorce, what happens if your spouse doesn’t want to end the marriage? In Minnesota, if one party wants a divorce, that’s enough to secure a divorce. We are a no-fault divorce state. You don’t need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong in the marriage. 

What will a divorce cost?

The matter of finances, both in the short-term and long-term of divorce, is a major concern for almost all parties in these cases. There’s no concrete answer that applies across the board. 

This will depend on the specific divorce attorney you work with, the county you live in, the kind of divorce process you pursue and how long the case takes to settle. 

Of course, there are also the long-term financial implications of divorce such as alimony, child support and how assets are split. Bon’t shy away from saying to your divorce lawyer how important the financial matters of this divorce are. 

What do you want financially? What do you need? What are your fears and hopes, and what do you want to know from your attorney? Your legal team has likely heard all questions and should have no problem discussing costs in a clear and honest way with you. 

How long will the divorce process take?

When divorce is imminent, parties on both sides commonly just want the legal process to be done. If both parties want to get divorced and can agree on most terms, their divorce might be finalized in a few months. 

How long from filing to divorce finalization will vary greatly from case to case. Different counties have different specific laws on time frames, too. 

By asking these important questions, you can gain clarity on your rights, responsibilities, and potential outcomes of your divorce case. A skilled family law attorney will not only provide answers but also offer guidance tailored to your unique circumstances, helping you navigate through this challenging time with confidence and peace of mind.

Your Divorce Case Is Unique to You

Everyone in the process of divorce has questions, but the answers to those questions will be specific to each person and their unique situation. You need a divorce lawyer with whom you feel comfortable asking your most pressing questions and revealing your primary concerns over the future. 

Contact White & Associates online or by calling 763-241-0477. We can help you feel more secure in what’s to come and learn about your family law options in the state of Minnesota.

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