How Fast Can I Get a Divorce in MN?

If you’re preparing for a divorce in Minnesota, you may be wondering how quickly it can happen. While the divorce process is often time-consuming, there are ways to finalize a divorce faster in Minnesota. It all depends on the type of divorce you’re facing.


Uncontested Divorce Is Faster

Contested divorce is when spouses disagree on multiple aspects of their divorce, such as property division or child custody. For a contested divorce, each spouse will have to hire an attorney to represent their interests, go through court hearings and wait for a judge to make decisions about the presented issues. 

A contested divorce is a lengthy, stressful and costly process due to the disagreements between spouses. It may last for six months or more due to hearings and mediation sessions. Going to trial is even a possibility.

An uncontested divorce, however, is faster, easier and less expensive. In this type of divorce, spouses agree on all of the terms of their divorce. While each spouse may have an attorney, they won’t need a judge to help make final decisions. Uncontested divorces typically last only a few months or less. 


Summary Dissolution to Get Divorced Quickly

In Minnesota, the legal word for divorce is dissolution, and there are two types: regular and summary. Summary dissolution is a fast track to divorce, allowing you to finalize your divorce in as little as one month.

This simplified, streamlined process is often part of an uncontested divorce. It involves filing a sworn joint declaration that contains various pieces of information, including each spouse’s non-marital property, the agreed division of their marital assets and verification of each spouse’s income.

To qualify for a summary dissolution, you must meet a strict set of requirements. These include:

  • The couple doesn’t have any living minor children, biological or adopted, and a spouse isn’t currently pregnant
  • They’ve been married less than eight years 
  • Neither spouse owns any real estate
  • Neither spouse has unpaid debts exceeding the amount of $8,000, unless the debt is from encumbrances on automobiles
  • The total fair market value of their marital assets isn’t over $25,000, and non-marital assets can’t be over $25,000
  • Neither spouse has been a victim of domestic abuse by the other spouse


Wondering if You Can Speed Up Your Divorce? Talk to Our Divorce Attorneys

No matter what type of divorce you’re facing, communicating with your attorney about your needs, desires and goals can make the process go more quickly. At White & Associates, our experienced family law attorneys can help you navigate the divorce process and find ways to reach a resolution faster.

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