When is it Better to Use a Mediator Over a Lawyer?

Deciding Between a Mediator and a Lawyer for Divorce

No matter what your experience with your spouse has been like until now, deciding to get a divorce is almost always hard. You’ve spent time building a life together and had big plans for the future, yet it still managed to fall apart.

Though it probably doesn’t provide much consolation, you’re not alone. 689,308 marriages were ended through annulment or divorce in 2021 according to the CDC. It’s an unfortunate reality that many marriages don’t last forever.

But just because you and your spouse have decided to end the marriage, that doesn’t mean you have to make it a giant battle with lawyers involved. You have the option of choosing to work with a mediator to create an amicable divorce.

Divorce Mediation vs Divorce Litigation

If for any reason your situation could have conflict and isn’t set up for success with mediation, you should consider litigation with the help of attorneys instead.

For example, an attorney would be the better option if one of the spouses has a history of abuse or if one of you doesn’t want a divorce. Even if you both want a divorce but one party doesn’t agree to the suggested terms, it’s enough conflict to veer toward working with attorneys over a mediator.

But maybe you and your spouse are on the same page about splitting up. Neither of you denies that it’s the right thing to do and you’re not harboring feelings of resentment toward each other. You both truly feel as though you can work together to find an ideal divorce arrangement.

If this summary sounds like your situation, you have the potential to get divorced through mediation without getting attorneys involved in a legal battle. When you hire a mediator, you don’t have to get the courts involved in your divorce (except when you’re filing the final agreement).

A mediator will do exactly what their name suggests; they’ll operate as the middle-person between you and your spouse to facilitate the conversation. They won’t tell you what to do or what’s best for your situation. They’ll simply help keep the discussions on a peaceful path so you and your partner can work together to make the most agreeable divorce plan possible.

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