What Rights do Felons Lose in Minnesota?

Committing a Felony in Minnesota Could Result in Lost Rights

When most people hear the word “felony,” the first thing they think of is prison. And they’re correct, prison is often the biggest punishment a person faces after a felony conviction. And even after a person completes a prison sentence, the felony stays with them and can continue to make a negative impact on their life.

What is a Felony in Minnesota?

According to Minnesota Statutes, a felony is any crime that has a penalty of more than one year in prison. Some examples of Minnesota felonies include:

  • Assault (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree)
  • Burglary (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree)
  • Arson
  • Murder (1st and 2nd degree)
  • DWI (1st degree)
  • And many more

If a person commits these or other felonies, they can expect varying degrees of prison time (at least 12 months and one day) and possibly thousands of dollars in fines. But even beyond the legal penalties, a person can expect other ramifications after they’ve served their sentence.

Felony Consequences Go Beyond Legal Penalties

When a person is convicted of a felony, there are a few rights that will be permanently taken away from them:

  • Possession of a firearm (and the right to carry)
  • Voting
  • Jury service

These three rights are stripped and gone forever, but the aftereffects of a felony go even further than legal repercussions. All potential employers will see the individual’s felony record and will take it into consideration when interviewing them for a job.

The felony record will also be reviewed when a person is applying to buy a house and, depending on the crime, might play a factor in whether or not the person can live in certain neighborhoods. For example, certain crimes require the person to register as a sex offender, and that information will be shared publicly with any future neighbors.

For immigrants, getting a felony conviction can make it harder to renew visas. It can also make getting a green card a drawn-out process and potentially be a reason for application denial.

It’s critical for those who are accused of felony-level crimes to work with experienced attorneys. Felony convictions will permanently tarnish a person’s life, which is why they need to make sure they have legal representation to fight for their rights.

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