Is Recreational Marijuana Use Legal Now?

The last election day, Minnesota voters made their voices heard at the polls. While we know the general results of the election, there are still natural questions about what is to come for our Twin Cities and the rest of the state. For example, will marijuana laws here change? 

Some are hopeful Minnesota will follow the other 21 states in the US that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. 

Minnesota Hasn’t Changed its Marijuana Laws–Yet

The election dust is still settling; therefore, legislators and Governor Walz have yet to dive into any major decisions for the state. Proponents for drug law changes, however, are excited about the prospect of marijuana legalization. They believe the chances are better than ever that the drug statutes will change here.

State lawmakers have not yet voted to legalize recreational marijuana use, though there are some signals that marijuana could be legalized. The Governor alone cannot make the decision. In order for the Minnesota drug law to change, both the state House and Senate need to vote on the marijuana issue. 

One Change to Drug Laws Isn’t Sweeping Change

Some marijuana laws have changed in Minnesota in the last year. Edibles containing THC are legal to use in the state, though specific details are in place in order to control the sale and use of those substances as well. 

The edibles cannot contain more than five milligrams of THC per serving, for example. Also, the legal age to buy and use the edibles is 21. More laws exist regarding the sale and use of THC consumables in Minnesota. 

Changing laws and the likelihood of future drug law changes can create a legal risk within a community. Some people don’t understand the legal changes or become overly confident that laws might change in the favor of marijuana legalization. They might find themselves facing drug charges because of a confusing aspect of the law. 

Today’s Marijuana Possession Laws Are What Matter

For now, it’s illegal in Minnesota to possess marijuana for recreational use, even in small amounts. Possession of marijuana is treated as a petty misdemeanor and can result in a fine, a drug conviction on your record, and even the requirement to complete a drug education program. 

Repeat offenses and possession of larger amounts of mariguana come with heftier risks to your future

Don’t Bet on Legal Changes: Call White & Associates if Charged With a Drug Offense

The laws controlling marijuana in Minnesota might change. Some of them have already changed! No matter how you might feel about the laws and potential changes, your future depends on your adherence to the drug laws on the books today. 

If you’re facing a drug charge, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at White & Associates know the relevant, current legal details and strategies to best help protect your rights. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 763-241-0477 or send us a message so we can discuss your case as soon as possible.

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