How Can I Speed Up the Divorce Process?

Can and Should You Take Control of Your Divorce?

The divorce process is rarely easy. Dividing lives that were so closely connected is bound to come with conflict. When children are involved, the problems can be more intense. One unfortunate truth for many is that even a relatively easy divorce can be a slow process. 

The speed of your divorce is something you are only partly in control over. That said, there are things you can do to attempt to get through the process as quickly as possible. With a little guidance, you can make divorce a faster and less stressful ordeal.

Know What the Law Says

Most people are shocked, or at least disappointed to learn that the law ignores things that have dramatically impacted your life. Your partner may have been selfish or unfaithful throughout your marriage. You may feel you deserve 100% of the marital property because you gave 100% to the marriage and your partner gave nothing. The law doesn’t work that way.

The factors that matter to you and the factors that count in your divorce case may not be the same at all times. If you can focus on what the law does regard as important, and ignore what it doesn’t, you can save yourself time and possibly get a better result.

Know What Is Most Important to You

There is give and take in most divorces. It’s very rare to have a divorce come down to purely liquid assets that can be divided exactly in half with everyone leaving happy. Some people prioritize keeping their pensions. Others prioritize keeping the family home. Others focus on the business they built during the marriage. Some things matter to you more than others. Make sure you know what is most important to you so you don’t end up fighting over things that don’t matter.

Consider Mediation & Find Agreement Where You Can

Divorce mediation gives you a measure of control. It can help you reach an agreement far faster than a courtroom battle would. Anything you can reach an agreement on through negotiation will speed up the process. There’s a reason uncontested divorces are the fastest divorces. Disagreement slows things down.

Work With Your Attorney

Another important way to speed up your divorce is to work with your attorney and communicate your desire for a speedy resolution. An experienced lawyer will know the best places to speed things along without compromising your rights. 

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