How Does Custody Work When It Comes To Summer Vacation?

Child Custody After Divorce: What to Do About Summer Break

Summer break is a time of fun in the sun and memory-making. Yet, the first summer break after your divorce can feel a bit confusing when you have littles. You may have a ton of questions. Can you still take your family on that summer getaway? How does summer break work with a custody plan?

Rest assured, you can still enjoy summer vacation with your family. We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

Check Your Custody Order or Parenting Plan

The first thing you should do is check your custody order or parenting plan. If the court determined the custody arrangement for your child, you’ll need to examine the order. However, if you and your ex-spouse worked together to develop a parenting plan, custody details will be found inside that document.

Looking over these documents will refresh your mind on parenting time, which days or weeks your child will be with you and when they’ll be with your ex-spouse. This will help you best prepare for the summer months. For example, you can ensure you have daytime care for your child while you work or better plan summer trips.

Communicate With Your Ex-Spouse When Planning Vacations

Planning a week-long vacation? If so, you’ll want to communicate with your ex-spouse ahead of time. Vacations may require you to have additional parenting time that would otherwise be your ex’s. Make sure you give your ex plenty of notice about your trip so both of you can work out the details.

For example, you and your ex may need to switch up some days or weeks to make room for the trip. Or, you may need to give them additional parenting time once you return to make up for any time lost.

When to Involve an Attorney

If you and your ex are unable to work together when vacation planning, it might be in your best interest to reach out to an attorney. Child custody attorneys can help you pursue a custody order modification. This modification can add specific guidelines regarding vacations to your order that you and your ex agree to and follow.

Need Help With Child Custody? We’re Here to Support You.

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