What’s the Difference Between Direct Placement Adoption & Agency Adoption?

There are two main types of placement options when it comes to adoption: direct placement and agency. To discover which is best for you, it’s important to understand the differences.

Direct Placement Adoption vs. Agency Adoption

Direct Placement

A direct placement adoption, also known as independent or private adoption, results from a birth mother choosing the adoptive parents. After the birth of the child, the adoptive parents receive immediate placement of the child.

Benefits of Direct Placement Adoption

In most direct placement adoptions, the birth mother can play an active role in selecting a family for her child. Plus, private adoptions reduce the wait time adoptive parents often endure while waiting for agency placement. Although costs vary widely in private adoptions, these arrangements can cost less than traditional agency adoption.

Agency Adoption

An agency adoption involves the help of a private or public agency to find and place children with prospective adoptive parents. They also facilitate the necessary home study and the steps leading up to child placement.

Benefits of Agency Adoption

Agencies often provide prospective parents with training and counseling that can be beneficial for first-time parents. Plus, the entire process is coordinated by skilled social workers who understand the ins and outs of adoption.

Why You Need a Professional Adoption Attorney

During an adoption, you’ll experience some complicated yet critical legal matters that you may not understand. For example, you’ll need an attorney to complete an adoption petition. You’ll also need to attend an adoption hearing, where a judge will sign your adoption order and more.

Attorneys can also help you navigate other complex factors such as paying for a birth mother’s hospital care during birth, legal name changes and more. To ensure a smooth transition from prospective parents to parenthood, you’ll need an attorney to help you navigate the legal process.

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