Thanks to TV and highly publicized divorces, many couples think a courtroom fight is the only way to discuss property division and finalize their divorce. This isn’t the case. Property division mediation is an option in cases that involve parties willing to negotiate, making it a great option for the division of marital property.

Mediation Can Alleviate the Cost & Stress of Litigation

Property division requires negotiation on a wide range of levels that are sometimes complex. Due to this complexity, property division can take time, which will increase the cost of traditional courtroom litigation. Plus, it’s true that litigation can add stress to an already emotional time.

Mediation can alleviate stress and some of the cost of traditional litigation. Instead of using the courtroom for negotiation, you and your spouse will work together to reach an agreement with a mediator or neutral third party.

Minnesota is an equitable distribution state which means a judge will decide what’s fair, instead of splitting property down the middle. Mediation can help you avoid equitable distribution, allowing you and your spouse to decide what’s best.

Is Mediation the Right Choice for You?

Mediation for property division isn’t the best choice for everyone. For mediation to work properly, you must be willing to work with your spouse to reach a compromise. Mediation isn’t the time nor place to fight or try to “win.” Instead, it’s the place to negotiate in a healthy way.

For example, mediation isn’t the right choice for divorces resulting from spousal abuse. Instead, mediation works best for couples who have attempted to create an agreement on their own, only to find it difficult to compromise on a few complex issues such as the marital home, pets or financial property.

Reach Out to an Experienced Mediation Attorney Today

If you’re considering mediation for property division, we recommend reaching out to an experienced mediation attorney. The attorneys at White & Associates have years of experience with both mediation and property division, ensuring you and your spouse reach an agreement that suits you both. To learn more, send us a message.

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