Lawyer-Free Mediation: The One Mistake You Shouldn’t Make

During mediation, the critical conversations surrounding divorce or child custody are difficult at best. Emotions have a way of taking over and the legal jargon is nearly impossible to understand on your own. Those who choose to have these conversations without an experienced attorney in the room find themselves overwhelmed, perhaps making decisions they are oblivious to.

Although mediation is a great way to save on time and legal costs, lawyer-free mediation is a mistake you should never make. In fact, attempting to mediate or conduct a case on your own could cause consequences you’re not prepared for.

Consequences of a Lawyer-Free Mediation

A mediator is someone who helps two parties work through conflict without the need of a judge or any legal proceedings. While it may be true that mediation does not require legal counsel, having an attorney by your side is a smart idea.

By obtaining an attorney who understands your issue, you gain the counsel you need to protect yourself and your family. Without a proper mediator, you could suffer consequences of going it alone including:

  • Missed paperwork and filing requirements: Even if there are no children or assets and a marriage is new, trying to attempt a divorce alone could cause you to overlook filing requirements that are critical to the dissolution of marriage.
  • Misunderstanding your rights: No matter the case, it’s important to understand your rights. If you go it alone, you’ll need to conduct research to learn your rights, potentially resulting in you missing important entitlements.
  • Financial crisis: During a divorce, there are money pitfalls such as tax ramifications that must be prepared for. If you refuse legal counsel and mediation, you could find yourself stuck with tax penalties and more, draining your assets.

Other consequences such as not being prepared for life after divorce or other big change could occur without proper guidance. Finding a mediator is a great option for those looking to save on legal costs and time.

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