Navigating Custody Disputes Outside of the Courtroom With Mediation

Custody disputes do not have to begin at the front of the courtroom with a judge and his gavel. In fact, most custody disputes can be resolved rather quickly using mediation instead of taking it before the court. And, during an emotional time, it might be best to try a method that is more intimate than traditional proceedings.

What Is Custody Mediation?

A mediator, or a neutral third party, is involved in this dispute resolution method. The mediator guides you and the other party through discussions involving negotiations regarding custody and other disputes. You and the other party will receive assistance to decide on a resolution to the custody dispute, giving you both the freedom to speak openly about your cares and concerns.

Why Should I Try Mediation Instead of Court?

Mediation is the perfect option for parties willing to sit down and communicate to reach a sound resolution. There are many benefits to mediation if communication is part of the equation. These benefits include:

  • A calm atmosphere for negotiation. Parties will communicate through guided discussions instead of through courtroom questioning. This atmosphere is generally best when dealing with emotional circumstances such as child custody.
  • Faster solutions. Typically, mediation can help parties come to a solution faster than courtroom proceedings. Mediation can take a week or two to complete, versus the long months or years for court.
  • Smaller expense. Instead of hiring separate attorneys for both parties, mediation calls for one mediator who is often an attorney. Due to the faster nature of mediation, it is generally less expensive than courtroom proceedings.
  • Less time away from your children. A custody dispute can be more difficult when the child feels left behind due to court proceedings and dispute. Mediation is a great way to get to a resolution fast, so you can place the focus back on your children.
  • A catalyst for future communication. Mediation will also prepare you and the other party for future communication throughout the lifespan of your children. You will learn important tools you can use when speaking and making decisions together that will come down the road.

Even though custody disputes can be emotionally charged events, it doesn’t have to be a battle. Mediation is available for parties who need the help of an experienced attorney, without the heartache of open court.

Reach Out to Learn More About Mediation

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