It is very rare that any divorce is finalized without at least a few challenges. And when it comes to couples with significant wealth and assets, the divorce process involves many unique hurdles that must be overcome before the next chapter in life can begin. If you’re facing a high-asset divorce, effectively addressing each of these issues is key to protecting your best interests, your financial well-being and your future.

At White & Associates, we offer the comprehensive representation you need to understand and overcome each of the unique challenges you may face during high-asset divorce proceedings.

The Complex Process of Dividing Valuable Assets

The fair and equitable division of marital property becomes more complicated when those assets include businesses, investments, equity, fine art, high-end vehicles and multiple real estate properties. Conducting a thorough identification, inventory and valuation of all marital assets are crucial to the accurate division of wealth and debts.

The process becomes increasingly challenging when significant pre-marital assets are involved, or a prenuptial agreement is in place. Our firm often works with specialized accountants, appraisers, and investigators to ensure the complete and accurate division of marital assets.

Resolving Support-Related Disputes

Disputes over ongoing support payments have the potential to derail divorce proceedings, especially when the payments in question are substantial.

  • Child support: In the state of Minnesota, child support payments are based largely on a formula factoring income, custody and other factors. In high-value divorce proceedings, the determination of child support often becomes more challenging, especially if either party attempts to conceal income. Overcoming these unique challenges is key to protecting each spouse’s financial future and ensuring the health and well-being of the children.
  • Spousal support: Disputes over spousal support are especially common in high-asset divorce proceedings. A judge may order temporary or long-term spousal support to help the lower income spouse maintain their standard of living or pursue education or job training. Due to the emotional and financial nature of spousal support, and the sums of money involved, these disputes can quickly become heated.

Protecting Your Privacy

Wealthy individuals, business owners, athletes and celebrities undergoing divorce often catch the attention of the public eye. Shielding yourself and your children from the general public can be difficult, especially during court hearings. Our attorneys do everything in their power to protect your privacy and personal life throughout your legal proceedings.

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