Charged With Assault? Recognize All That You Have on the Line.


Arguments and disputes sometimes spin out of control. You may have lost your temper with a family member, a neighbor, a bar patron or a careless driver. Someone called the police, and now you are facing an assault charge. Will an assault conviction mean jail time? Should you fight the charge or plead guilty? These are just two of many questions you must address. It is critical to think about your family relationships, your job and your hopes for the future.

Minnesota laws covering assault, battery and domestic violence cover a lot of territory. Whether you committed physical violence or are accused of making threats, call a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Do not assume that a misdemeanor assault charge will have only a minor impact on your life. If you have been arrested for felony assault, every decision is absolutely pivotal.

Protecting Your Record, Your Family Ties and Your Job

All too often, people facing criminal charges focus solely on the direct legal consequences. But with the right criminal defense attorney by your side, you will see the bigger picture. Your lawyer will ask questions about what’s going on in your life and what matters to you.

It is critical that you think about all-important collateral consequences. For example:

  • Do I need to worry about your rights involving my children? If you are facing divorce or a custody challenge now, or you might someday, any allegation of assault or domestic abuse will almost certainly come up. You could lose out on parenting time or be denied joint legal custody because of it. A protective or restraining order could permanently damage your most important relationships.
  • How will having an assault arrest and conviction on my criminal record affect my job? Some employers simply will not take risks with a worker who may be violent or have anger issues. You may have a professional license to protect. Even if you don’t lose your current job, what will happen when you try to make a change? Background checks are easy, quick and accurate these days.
  • What do I do about criminal background checks commonly performed by other businesses and organizations? Many landlords have policies against renting to anyone with a record for assault. Coaching youth sports or pursuing other community activities might be off limits to you. An assault or domestic violence conviction often means the loss of your right to possess any firearm–even for hunting.

Every Move Matters Now. Get the Solid, Complete Legal Counsel You Need.

At White & Associates, we will help you make fully informed choices. As former prosecutors and longstanding defense attorneys, we have a strong grasp of all strategies and options that may work for you. Please don’t just plead guilty and regret it for years to come. Instead, let’s work together toward the best possible outcome in your Minnesota misdemeanor or felony assault case.

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