What to Tell Your Attorney After a Car Accident

What to Tell Your Attorney After a Car Accident

A successful car accident lawsuit requires thorough investigation and a dedication to capturing all the necessary details. You can help your lawyer in the process by providing the following information as soon as possible after the accident.

8 Things to Tell Your Lawyer As Soon As Possible After an Accident

Be sure to share these eight key details with your attorney after your car accident:

  • What time the accident happened: What was the time of the accident? Did it happen during your rush hour commute? Was it late at night?
  • The exact location of the accident: Where the accident occurred matters when it comes time to determine fault. Did the accident happen in a median or in an intersection? Were you on the highway or a side road?
  • The condition of the roads at the time of the accident: Were the roads wet? Was there packed snow or ice? Was there debris on the road that required someone to swerve, which led to the accident?
  • How many motor vehicles were involved in the accident: A claim involving multiple cars is very different from a claim involving one or two. The same holds true for accidents involving semi trucks.
  • Whether anyone broke any traffic laws at the time of the accident: Did you or someone else run a stop sign or stoplight? Was the other party drunk driving? Did the police officer that appeared at the scene give anyone a traffic citation?
  • What everyone said at the accident scene: Try to recall what everyone else at the scene said as it relates to what happened. For instance, did anyone say “sorry”? These statements can often help in proving liability.
  • What injuries you sustained in the accident: The injuries you sustain help determine the extent of damages you may be able to pursue against the liable party.
  • The type of medical care you’ve received, and when you’ve received it: Were you hurt in the accident? Did you go to your doctor or the emergency room right away? Was your first stop to a chiropractor? Have you been following doctor’s orders and attending follow-up appointments, if necessary?

Write It Down

The first minutes, hours and days following an accident can quickly become a blur, especially if you have suffered extensive injuries. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to write down as many details of your accident as possible before the small things start to disappear from memory.

Grab a small notebook on the day of the crash, if you can, and write down what you can remember. Then carry that notebook with you for the next few days, so you can capture more thoughts as they pop up.

Tell Your Lawyer Immediately

One of your first steps after a car accident is to call your insurance company to notify them of your accident. But you should also call your lawyer right away. Your lawyer can caution you about what to say to any insurance adjusters and what next steps are necessary for you to pursue compensation.

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