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Man runs from scene after rear-ending other car into ditch, killing man

Some residents of Sherburne may enjoy a few drinks with friends or alone over the weekends or to relax after work. This makes it important for a person to be aware of how much they drink, but some people may end up mistakenly believing themselves to be much less inebriated than they actually are, leading to situations in which criminal defense might be necessary.

In one extreme DUI case, a 21-year-old driver was arrested and taken into custody after both alcohol and traces of marijuana were found in his system. The man had run from the scene of an accident, claiming later that he left because his license was expired and he likely did not wish to risk the additional crime charges that go along with driving with an expired license. He also claimed that the car he rear-ended looked fine before fleeing.

Heavier penalties await multiple offenders

In Sherburne, it might not be uncommon to enjoy a few drinks at the end of a hard day of work or over the weekend with friends or family. However, some may end up driving under the influence of alcohol after enjoying a night out. It isn’t an uncommon mistake, but it may end up costing a person a good deal because of the consequences.

While those who face DUI charges are already facing a slew of penalties such as jail time and fines, those penalties might soon rise. Due to a bill that was passed recently, repeat offenders as well as people who are responsible for causing injury while driving impaired may find themselves facing a mandatory jail sentence of at least 30 days. Under current law, the decision is up to the judge and can be between 30 days and a year. This bill would take the decision from the judge’s hands and make sentencing mandatory.

Unusual DUI ends in construction equipment theft charges

Enjoying a relaxing evening out with friends or coworkers might be something that residents of Sherburne do when they want to have a break from stressful work. However, some people who drink may end up driving while intoxicated, because they may not realize that they are over the legal limit.

In some cases, drinking can lead to some choices that a person might not normally make when in their right state of mind. For example, one 27-year-old Minnesota man was recently arrested and charged with second-degree DWI, as well as theft and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. It was reported by police that the man was driving a Caterpillar excavator on the sidewalk at around 3 in the morning.

Motorcyclist without helmet killed by pickup truck

Sherburne County may have its fair share of people who enjoy a little drinking to wind down on the weekend or evenings. However, the more drinks there, the higher the chances of someone driving while under the influence of alcohol becomes, which can be a bad decision that is costly or even deadly in some cases.

While not every DUI related incident ends with severe consequences or results, there are others which end in intoxicated manslaughter, which brings the case to an entirely different level. One man ended up in a similar situation. The man is now facing a felony DUI charge, but it is unknown how police determined that the drive was drunk at the time of the accident as there were no reports of blood tests, Breathalyzer tests or field sobriety tests being administered.

Many charges stack up against Sebeka police chief

The law in Sherburne is swift and heavy-handed when it comes to misdemeanors. Crimes that involve drunk driving in particular can carry heavy consequences. However, the consequences alone aren’t always enough to dissuade a person from drinking and driving.

The police chief of Sebeka is facing a drunk driving charge, which is essentially just the tip of the iceberg. In the past, the man was suspended in 2010 for a week without pay due to the fact that several incidents and misdemeanors occurred throughout the year. This includes showing up to duty smelling of alcohol ad losing SWAT equipment from his home, which he later reported had been taken by his 9 year old son and place into a fort in their backyard.

Investigation ends in Florence woman’s arrest

Sherburne has relatively few issues when it comes to drugs and drug related problems. Those who get caught up in drug charges are sometimes dissuaded from committing the same crime twice due to the severity of the potential penalties.

Different levels of drug possession can come with different penalties. Though the potential consequences for drug possession charges are all harsh, some can certainly be harsher than others and include larger fines or longer jail sentences. One 38-year-old woman could be experiencing some of the harsher penalties soon. Though it is unknown what prompted the initial investigation, several drugs were reportedly found in her possession, leading to the slew of charges she is now facing.

Man faces more meth charges when ties to meth car are exposed

Residents of Sherburne may be aware of the positive impact that having strict law enforcement regarding drugs may bring about. Because of the serious consequences that drug charges can have, many people find that drug related crimes in areas with strict law enforcement dropping by some degree.

One Windom man may soon be facing more than he had initially expected due to the fact that he reportedly missed his court date. The man pleaded guilty to his charge, which was a second-degree drug possession felony charge. In order to obtain this plea, his charge of possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine were both dismissed. The sentence that he was given includes three years of prison time.

Potential risk could be a condemning factor in sex offender sentencing

There are many laws in place in Sherburne to ensure that convicted sex offenders do not become a risk. However, when it comes to penalties related to sex offenses, scrutiny has been levied recently against a loophole allowing Wisconsin to indefinitely hold sex offenders.

In one case, a man who has been confined for over half of his life illustrates the potential harshness of sex offense penalties. Many convicted sex offenders tend to be held beyond what their initial sentence dictates. It is not unusual for secondary sentences to be served, or for sex offenders to end up in the care of the state mental health institutions. This is because many sex offenders are tried and sentenced as sane, but declared mentally ill later. This “double whammy” allows states to keep convicted sex offenders in the system for an indefinite period of time.

Waite Park man steals mail for weeks

Those who live in Sherburne may have noticed that packages and mail slow to a crawl in the month of December and January due to the fact that many people are sending gifts and letters for the holiday season. However, sometimes delayed or missing mail could be the result of a theft crime, which carries with it serious consequences for the thief in question.

One man has recently highlighted the issues that come along with mail related crimes. Due to the fact that the mailing system falls under the federal jurisdiction, messing with anything related to it can result in federal crime charges, which can be extremely damaging. This can include damages done to mailboxes, but it also includes theft, which is what the Waite Park man has been charged with.

Smokers still struggle with marijuana penalties

People who live in Sherburne have likely heard of the growing debate surrounding marijuana legalization. Due to the fact that it is still illegal in most states, the number of marijuana related drug charges have gone up recently because of people who start smoking more openly even if their state has not legalized the plant. The penalties for marijuana use or possession are just as strong as always.

In a recent case, one man was arrested after being charged with marijuana possession and then quickly pointed the finger at his dealer. He gave police the address of the man, who was a 30 year old Scottsbluff resident. The man’s trailer home was searched, as well as his two vehicles. Police used an affidavit in order to do so.

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