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How can I get my license back after a DWI conviction?

If you are dealing with the consequences of a DWI conviction, there are a number of obstacles you may have to face. However, if you lost your driver's license, getting it back promptly is probably extremely important, especially if you have to get to work or take care of other obligations. For people in Sherburne, Minnesota, and across the country, being able to drive once again is an essential part of restoring normalcy to their lives.

The process of having your driver's license reinstated may vary, depending on which state you live in and the number of offenses on your record. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety published helpful information on their website for residents of the state who lost their license due to a DWI conviction. The department also discusses ignition interlock devices, which can help some offenders in the state restore their driving privileges much sooner.

Minnesota authorities apprehend two over drugs

Drug offenses take many forms, from drug possession to drug manufacturing. However, regardless of the particular crime someone has been accused of committing, drug crimes often carry serious consequences. When someone is convicted on drug charges in Sherburne County and throughout Minnesota, they may experience a number of life-changing hardships, such as struggling to find work, spending time behind bars and experiencing problems with friends and family members. As a result, anyone in this position should closely assess their options.

After the Renville County Sheriff's Office was informed that stolen property could be found at a residence in Collinwood Township, authorities executed a search warrant at the address, located on County State Aid Highway 18. After reportedly discovering illegal drugs and obtaining a second search warrant, officials took two individuals from Dassel into custody. The suspects, a 60-year-old man and a 30-year-old man, are currently being held in the Meeker County Jail.

What is the Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act?

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, sexual assault and sexual abuse are two terms that are used to refer to sexual violence. Sexual violence is defined as using actions or words of a sexual nature that are not wanted by or are damaging to another person. These may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sexual violence of an intimate partner

When is a search warrant not required?

In order for authorities to search a person or property, they typically must have a search warrant or any evidence obtained through the search may be thrown out and cannot be used in criminal charges. However, according to the National Paralegal College, there are several exceptions to this rule.

The first exception occurs when a person is lawfully arrested. When this happens, authorities are permitted to search his or her person and the area within reach of the person. For example, if a person is arrested for DUI, authorities may be permitted to search the inside of the vehicle without a warrant, however, the trunk may be off limits.

What is a plea bargain?

Because going to trial to face criminal charges in Minnesota may be considered risky, many defendants may choose to enter into plea bargains instead. A plea bargain may occur during the defendant’s arraignment when the defendant is formally told of the criminal charge or charges he or she faces. The defendant is also informed of the maximum charge or punishment that he or she may face if the case goes to trial.

The prosecutor may present the defendant with the opportunity to enter into a plea bargain in which the defendant will either plead guilty to the original charge with a reduced sentence or plead guilty to a lesser charge.

1 in 7 licensed motorists in Minnesota have DUI conviction

Being convicted of drinking and driving in Minnesota can carry with it serious penalties that can vary from fines to jail time, depending on the circumstances and if it is the first offense. Those who have been arrested after being involved in a car accident where alcohol was suspected to play a role may face even bigger penalties, especially if anyone was injured or killed in the crash.

This is the case for a man who allegedly hit and critically injured another man in Minneapolis recently. The driver has underage driving and drinking and fourth degree drunk driving on his record and may face more charges for his most recent accident. 

Breath analyzers may produce false positives

Over 30,000 drivers are arrested every year in Minnesota for DWI, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Drivers can be arrested for DWI if their alcohol-concentration level is at or above 0.08. Commercial drivers can be charged with a DWI for a 0.04.

In order to determine blood alcohol concentration levels, breath analyzers are commonly used. However, according to a professor at State University of New York, research suggests that these analyzers could be giving false blood alcohol content level readings. It is believed that approximately one out of every four people tested with a breath analyzer receiver a higher BAC reading than what it actually is.

Man arrested in traffic stop faces drug and assault charges

Residents of Sherburne may know that arrests for drug related crimes have been spiking somewhat recently. Unfortunately for those who are arrested for drug crimes, the subsequent punishments can be quite harsh and include things like large fines or time spent in jail. These consequences may get more intense if other charges are piled on to the drug charge as well, which can be the case in some scenarios.

For example, one man is now facing a plethora of charges after being arrested during a routine traffic stop. The charges that the man is currently dealing with not only include the primary drug charge, possession and intent to resell a controlled substance, but also include charges such as attempting to resist arrest and second degree assault. This is because the man ended up injuring an officer during the course of the arrest.

The truth about synthetic drugs spreads faster than ever

Residents of Sherburne County may be aware of the fact that law enforcement and other groups have been working hard against drug related issues as of late. In particular, the synthetic drug problem that has popped up recently is now being addressed in much more thorough ways so as to help spread information and keep everyone informed.

One such method of informing the public is through a website that is designed to teach everyone about the dangers of synthetic drugs. This includes things like bath salts which, until recently, were available to the public through regular means of purchase. Synthetic drugs generally mimic the highs of other drugs like meth or cannabis, depending on what type is purchased. Some thought that they were safer because they were not illegal, but their dangers have become known in recent years.

Women arrested after meth found in heater

Though Sherburne is a mild place to live without a lot of big city issues, there are still some cases where alcohol or drugs may come into play. In the case of the latter, drug charges may be issued, which can have an even heavier impact than alcohol or DUI related charges and their accompanying consequences.

This may be the case for a pair of sisters who are facing drug charges currently. It was reported that they traveled to Grand Forks in order to complete a drug deal. They were arrested in the area. An electric heater that had been brought along with them to the hotel was searched by police, and hidden inside of it they found 15 baggies of meth which totaled to around 420 grams.

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