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Sherburne County Criminal Law Blog

Chicken run: KFC robber foiled by stop sticks

The police of Sherburne County have likely seen their share of bizarre crimes. Some of the wilder ones may also end in the perpetrator facing traffic offenses due to the fact that some crimes end in attempted police evasion or even car chases.

This was the case with one robber, who showed up to a KFC while armed and demanded cash. Since a drawer of cash was found in his car after his arrest, it is suspected that this is what he came into the store for and what he left with. Reportedly, the man was spotted by police after leaving the scene of the crime and then led them on a chase. The chase came to an end when deployed stop sticks sent his car into a ditch.

Van full of Amish driven by man on meth

Those living in Sherburne County may be aware of the fact that being caught with drugs can invoke several severe consequences. Because of the danger of drugs to individuals and communities on a whole, drug charges almost always come with penalties that are difficult to overcome such as huge fines or time in jail.

One man could be facing either of those penalties soon. While it is unknown exactly what penalties he might be faced with if he is found guilty, he is currently facing a plethora of very serious charges. They include being in the possession of both drug paraphernalia and drugs, driving while under the influence of a restricted substance and driving without a license. He also has a history with four previous convictions on his record, meaning the penalties could be even more severe.

Stolen items and drugs found after 2 month investigation

The law enforcement of Sherburne work hard to make sure that the city is a safe place to live. Therefore, suspected drug crimes are treated swiftly and harshly in order to prevent drug related issues from becoming a problem in the area.

The vigilance of law enforcement can be seen clearly in one recent case. Three suspects have been arrested after an investigation that reportedly lasted two months. Though it is unknown what triggered the investigation in the first place, the police turned up connections to stolen goods as well as two different types of drugs: marijuana and methamphetamines.

More resources and protection may soon be given to sexual assault victims in army

Many residents of Sherburne may have family or friends who serve in the military. It may come as an unpleasant shock that sexual assault in the military has been on the rise in recent years, especially against the women working for the country.

In a move that Minnesota’s 8 House members and 2 Senators all agreed on, a new push has been made to force the Army to clarify its current rules in regard to sexual assault. They have argued that the rules as they currently are minimize the ability of the National Guard to provide support for sexual assault victims.

Passenger survives crash after being hit on highway

Many residents of Sherburne are likely aware of the fact that all mishaps on the road come with potential consequences. Even minor traffic offenses like coming to a rolling stop can have a penalty. However, larger offenses can lead to accidents. Accidents can come with fines, fees, raises in insurance rates and even potential court involvement. Dealing with lethal accidents can be even more difficult.

In one recent lethal accident, two people ended up in the hospital while one driver was killed. Though the other driver had only minor, non life-threatening injuries, the passenger of the second car had serious injuries and was taken to a hospital immediately for treatment. It is unknown whether or not the passenger is in stable condition.

Child porn offender blocked from internet access

Sherburne is a relatively quiet area, so large scale issues may be unsettling and surprising when people catch wind of it. For example, people are being accused of child pornography possession all over the country as IP address nets get better and better at spotting suspicious activity.

In a recent child pornography bust, one man has been sentenced to 5 years under supervised probation in addition to a stay of imposition, a 120 day jail stay, and two separate fees. The first is a $180 fine and the second is a fee of $750 for the sex offender treatment program that he has been forced to sign up for and complete. In addition to that, he has also had his access to the internet revoked and is being monitored to ensure that he doesn’t access any social networking sites. He will also be forced to register as a sex offender.

Drunk driver draws attention of beach-goers

Restaurants are a good place in Sherburne to relax with friends and family while having a bite to eat and maybe a drink. However, driving while intoxicated after a meal is a poor decision that some may make due to the fact that they aren’t fully aware of how intoxicated they might be. It could result in hefty fees, time in jail, permanent marks on your reputation and could even prevent you from getting certain jobs in the future.

In a recent case, one drunk woman ended up getting herself stuck on the beach as beach-goers looked on. At some point in the evening, onlookers reported that the woman drove onto the beach and hit a bench after attempting to make a turn. It was after this point that the woman’s car got stuck in the sand, which is how police found her when they showed up and charged her with a DUI.

Two children suffer in house of meth addicts, one dies

Sherburne is a relatively quiet area. This is why it may be striking news whenever mentions of drug crimes are brought up. However, there are many places across the state which may end up seeing some drug related issues at some point out of no fault of the area itself.

In one rather traumatic cause, a mother has been arrested and may now face a 30 day prison sentence for the neglectful abuse of children that lead in one case to death. The mother was charged with storing meth near children, allowing her child to ingest meth, child endangerment, child neglect and second degree manslaughter.

Big consequences up ahead for MN DUI drivers

Drinking in social events like parties, at dinner, or just to relax may not be an uncommon experience to some in Sherburne. However, some people are not able to tell just how tipsy they have become, which may result in a DUI for them later down the road, which is costly in more than one way.

During the fishing opener, the 25 counties with the highest rate of DUI related deaths and accidents saw a massive spike in law enforcement involvement. Anyone who is arrested for DUI related accidents may find themselves facing more than they expected due to the large amounts of consequences that can accompany these charges. For example, a person who has been charged with a first time DUI can still face thousands of dollars in fines or small amounts of jail time.

Potential reasons for high state-wide DUI-related deaths

Residents of Sherburne may enjoy a little indulging in a relaxing drink or two over the weekend. However, getting behind the wheel of a car even after just one drink can be enough to result in a DUI, which can in turn result in things like major fines and jail time.

DUI-related incidents are something that unfortunately happen in every state every year, though it has been shown that certain methods are effective in decreasing these numbers. In addition to that, there have been some recent studies with a focus on the states that have higher DUI related accidents in an attempt to see where the similarities lie and what can be done to stop them.

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