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Protect Your Estate by Working With an Experienced Lawyer

Estate planning. To the uninitiated, this sounds like something only the wealthy require—those with grand estates that span acres and include large collections of specialty items. In reality, though, everyone can benefit from an estate plan. But not any plan will do. And not every plan fits every individual. Moreover, while estate plans do direct...
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New DUI Laws Became Effective in August 2018

A new law affecting Minnesota residents convicted of DUI became effective on August 1 of this year, bringing with it restrictions on the ability to drive a wide variety of vehicles. The new law is known as Little Alan’s Law. Little Alan’s Law Eight-year-old Alan Geisenkoetter, Jr., was watching his father, Alan Sr., put up...
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Common Reasons for Injuries in Minnesota’s Autumn Season

Kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter, and stores are stocked with Halloween candy. It’s Fall in Minnesota, and as the weather starts to cool down, that word—fall—can take on another, more painful meaning. That’s because slip-and-fall injuries tend to be very common this time of year. To help you and your...
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Can You Divorce In Minnesota If You Were Married Abroad?

In almost every situation, you can file for divorce in Minnesota even if you were married in a foreign country. The most important considerations are: Whether the marriage is valid in the country in which it was performed Ensuring that your out-of-state spouse receives proper notice that the divorce is being filed If Your Spouse...
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Mediation Saves Time And Money In Long-Distance Divorces

If you are going through a divorce in Minnesota, mediation can help you reach a resolution faster than the traditional, court process. It is especially cost-effective, efficient, and fair in cases when one spouse is no longer in the state or the country. If you believe that you and your spouse can come to an...
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Divorce? Estate Planning Updates You Must Make Now

Protecting yourself and your assets is critical if you’re going through a divorce. In addition to making decisions about property division, custody, visitation arrangements, and spousal maintenance, it’s important that you update your estate plan to ensure that the future you face without your spouse is secure. Here are a few estate planning updates you...
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Summer—A Season of Accidents and Injuries

Warmer weather not only brings us BBQs and days at the beach, it also delivers an increase in personal injuries. Beginning in May and extending through August, Emergency Rooms nationwide experience about an 18 percent increase in patients seeking treatment for injuries. What makes summer so risky? On the Road Whether it’s motorcycling, boating, or...
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When an Accident Becomes an Arrest: Your Rights With a DUI

Getting pulled over after a night out can be a scary event. You may have believed you were sober enough to drive, or maybe you believed you didn’t have any other option. Whatever the case may be, you may worry about what happens after an accident becomes an arrest. If you are facing charges of...
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Navigating Custody Disputes Outside of the Courtroom With Mediation

Custody disputes do not have to begin at the front of the courtroom with a judge and his gavel. In fact, most custody disputes can be resolved rather quickly using mediation instead of taking it before the court. And, during an emotional time, it might be best to try a method that is more intimate...
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